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Thank You Daniella Tocco!

Thank you Daniella Tocco!

Our teens get such a bum rap. So many of our young folks are doing such wonderful things for their churches, schools, and communities but you never hear about it. Just let one of them slip, get into a fight, break some rule or even law and they get plastered all over the news media. Should all of our young people suffer for just a few?
Case in point….meet high school senior, Daniella Tocco. Early last year this young lady contacted me with a personal project. She was about to make a video, enter it into a contest, the caveat being that she had to donate her winnings to a non-profit organization should she win. Well She won! Oh, I forgot to tell you that she is also a martial arts instructor!
Fast forward to Saturday, April 6th at 12:30 PM when the PAL will host the grand opening of our dojo which has been re-furbished and re-stocked all due to the hard work and dedication of Daniella and her sponsor Global Citizens Initiative, a Connecticut based organization.
Thank you, Daniella, for your extraordinary vision and generosity.

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